Historical San Antonio Women's Bowling Association scrapbooks are available for your viewing pleaseure via the links below. Please view them and reminisce about the SAWBA and its members that are no longer with us. There is one scrapbook from the late 1950's and most years from 1972 - 2006. If you would like one of the scrapbooks, please leave me a note. The scrapbooks have been given to Ms Linda Bray for caretaking. All of the scrapbooks have been scanned and uploaded to the website.

I want to thank all of the ladies and their families for taking the time, effort and expense to compile these scrapbooks.  It's great that they have been donated to our merged ABC/WIBC bowling association so San Antonio bowlers will be able to look at some of the history of bowling in San Antonio.

Kurt Bergstedt, President
Greater San Antonio USBC Association (2020)