2020 Annual General Membership meeting
Gr San Antonio USBC Members,
The annual general membership meeting of the Greater San Antonio USBC Association will be held on March 15, 2020 at 1:30pm at the Highland Social Club.
Please join us to elect new Directors to the Board, elect delegates to the USBC National and State Conventions in 2021 and hear about what has happened to the Association if the past year as well as what will be going on this next year.
The slate for the directors and delegates is attached. There may be additional names added to the slate pending the submission of any applications for the new Delegate-at-Large program.
Please join us for the elections and Association news. Drinks and snacks will be provided by the Association.
Kurt Bergstedt, President
Greater San Antonio USBC Association

Delegate-at-Large program

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Are you interested in a free trip to Chicago representing the Greater San Antonio USBC Bowling Association as a delegate to the USBC National Convention on April 26-29, 2021?  We have implemented a program like the USBC young delegate program where a local “Joe/Jane Bowler” will be provided hotel, transportation, and Per Diem to attend the convention as a credential carrying delegate from the Greater San Antonio USBC Association.

This Program is designed to encourage more participation in the USBC National Convention, promote life-long engagement in the sport of bowling and to recruit new leaders interested in governance of the sport. You will be required to attend bowling related seminars and provide a report on one of the seminars.

If you’re interested, read the policy and complete the application form.  The application process is time sensitive. We need to have the nominee’s approved and posted by mid-February so the candidate may be elected at the Annual General Membership meeting on 15 March 2020.


Kurt Bergstedt, President Greater  San Antonio USBC Association